About Kadgis

KADGIS programmes

To support the quick registration of all land in Kaduna state several systematic programmes have been initiated, targeting different sectors. These programmes provide stakeholders an opportunity to obtain the new digital Certificate of Occupancy at reduced fees and rates.


All existing Statutory and Customary Rights of Occupancy need to be recertified before the end of December 2019. Until further notice the application processing fee for this service has been reduced to N20,000. The Registration of Assignments has been fixed at N100,000 for the same period.


Efficient customer services for the public, professionals, and government officials in all land related matters in Kaduna State.

Comprehensive information and application guidelines for the direct allocation of land, the registration of land, and all land transactions, and, with the assurance given by the secure digital land registry, the legal protection of land and property.

Certainty, offered by the Kaduna Land Use Regulations, that ensure transparency and equity in the processing and execution of all land related applications, transactions, and the administration of land and all land related activities in Kaduna State.

To expedite all land related processes and transactions provided that all the information and documentation supplied by the Applicant has been properly verified, and all relevant fees, rates and rents have been paid. Applications and transactions will be executed within 30 working days from the applicant’s acceptance of the terms and conditions.