KADGIS Quickteller

Click on the above button to be redirected to the payment page.


You can make payment towards your KADGIS Invoices, Files, or Applications through our online payment platform at Quickteller. 

Please follow the below guidelines for payment:

1- Enter the Email or Phone number where you wish to receive a receipt of your E-payment

2- Fill the Customer Name and Option

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Pay with an Invoice Number
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Pay with Application Number
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Pay with your File Number
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Pay without File or Invoice











Note that payment via the methods “Invoice Number” or “Application Number” will ensure that your application is processed quicker. You are urged to use one of these two methods if you know your reference numbers.

3- Fill in the exact amount you wish to pay. Any over-payment will be credited to your account and used in future fees and annual demands.

4- Click Continue.

5- You will be prompted to input your payment method such as credit card or e-wallet. Fill in your credit card details and click Pay.